December 27, 2007

South Merced

This was our closing run for our trip back in 2005. (I haven't been kayaking lately, so I'm forced to rehash some old kayaking memories of better times...)

South Merced is an incredible run, certainly one of my favorites. Great boogie all day long, for 2 days. Some big slides and looooong boulder gardens. Also some of the best camping available in California


a) Deciding to drive all night from South Silver to catch it the next morning over multiple Sierra Nevadas, bought with scavenged money

b) Firehydrant

c) Johnny Webb taking a fully loaded boat to the back during a portage, amazingly unscathed

d) Waking up on day 2 to 3 broken, shattered, and memberless boats. The group upstream had left their boats too close to the water as it came up overnight, taking their boats on downstream. 2 boats were marginally paddleable, 1 was entirely destroyed. One owner also lost all of her paddling gear and was forced to hike out...oddly enough without a knight in shining armour, going it alone through Yosemite wilderness.

e) Nate McDade eating what he thought was the hiker's food, found in a drybag way down river. Afterwards, he found that he was stuffing his face with a fellow group members lost food, who had to go hungry because he never found it.

It was a great closing to our CA tour. Certainly one of the state's finest runs


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