December 27, 2007

Some oldies...

In looking through my old stash of videos, I found a few old ones from around the southeast.

The first one is from the quality portage fest, North Pole. It's not too often those words blend together, but it is a quality portage fest. The rapids you portage are horrible and scary looking, and the ones you run are actually really fun. Just be sure to scout everything, as almost every rapid goes underground somewhere, especially the portages...

The second one is from Alabama, Jones creek. It's another quality portage fest, but with less portages and more difficult whitewater. This was a fun day as it was one of John's first introductions to "creeking," and we outfitted him with some duct-taped foam elbow pads. He of course ran the shit while we walked with our tails between our legs. It was a fun day to run with the Chattanooga boys.


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