December 28, 2007

Having fun with sieves

After arriving at the upper section of California's Silver Fork for some poached camping at the put-in, we found a very entertaining sieve, which happened to be the very first rapid. We killed some time by throwing sticks into the sieve to watch them disappear, and it quickly progressed to rather sizeable logs.

The next morning we decided to put on, and found the run to be pretty low quality and extremely hazardous. The flow we had was way too high, and the run was loaded with sieves, with all the water going into the wrong places. The run's named according to the Stanley Holbeck bible is "Dugalt Bremner" (sp?), after he tragically died in one of the many sieves the run has to offer.

John and Nick debating about whether to continue into a comitting gorge or not. We decided it best to hike out, which was a good decision as we met a crew later who went into the mentioned gorge and was forced to do some scrambling/climbing out.


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Labia Majorum said...

That is some pretty epic stuff... You ought to post that on Boater Talk... you could probably get sponsored!

I might be able to help you out too!
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At 11:34 AM, Blogger nickyb said...

haha, I like your name. I tore my labrum some years back and made the mistake of calling it "my torn labial"...cute laughs.

I like your website, keep it going

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